The North American Migration – Mushy Beds

The North American Migration

We've been busy. Mushy Beds has grown astronomically, and it's thanks to customers like you that we've been able to have this kind of success.

To help better serve our customers, we are moving operations from Singapore to Austin, TX! This will improve product quality, and help us fulfill orders quicker and more efficiently. With global supply chains being disrupted, we figured that being local was the best bet. We've also undergone some R&D to expand our product line.. expect to hear more about that in the coming weeks and months.

What does this mean for you? Well, with new products, improved products, and a better fulfillment experience, Mushy Beds is here to help ease the anxiety that so many of our pets feel. We're doubling down on this mission. 

Our ask of you: make sure that this email address is not filtered into spam. We'll be sending out more information, and those of you already subscribed to us will get early access and special discounts as we make our move and continue to grow. 


Stay Tuned,

Mushy Beds