Mushy Beds and Trust Pilot

Mushy Beds and Trust Pilot

My wife and I bought Mushy Beds from its founder back in February 2022. We've always loved the idea of helping dog owners become better at recognizing stress and anxiety in their pets, and want to help them find ways to manage that stress. As the owner of rescue pups ourselves, we've seen how bad anxiety can be for pups firsthand.

Since acquiring the business, we've spent countless hours revamping operations so that customers get a higher quality product, and better delivery than they were used to. On top of this, we overhauled our customer service so that there is a human being answering every single email that comes through our inbox at We've worked with dissatisfied customers to make things right and always within a few days, because we believe that treating each other kindly is the only way to operate a business. Our commitment is to you, the customer, and to deliver a high-quality product with high-quality service to you.

We have a lot of reviews on TrustPilot don't reflect MushyBeds today. In fact, over 40 of the reviews are from before November 2021! We're incredibly happy to have boosted our review score with new customers letting people know about our commitment to quality products for our pets and our commitment to customer service. 

Stay Mushy!

Siddhartha, Bethany

Kaia & Ozzy (our nervous pups!)