Kaia's Story – Mushy Beds

Kaia's Story

Our dogs are terrified of everything. This is pretty common, especially for rescues like ours. Part of rescuing a dog means that you have to help them with their traumas, some of which can be really extreme. One of our pups - a chihuahua/boxer mix named Kaia - is the most playful girl.. until you get a broom out too fast, or if a large truck drives by while we're on a walk. Whenever she cowers, it breaks my heart.  

The thing is - I can only do so much to help her. I still need to sweep my house, but I can put her out in the yard while I sweep (which she doesn't seem to mind with all the squirrels she gets to chase!). I can reroute our walk so that we aren't too close to any traffic that might terrify her. In the years we've been together, she has come to really trust me as her human to protect her.

But sometimes I can't do anything. 

We get a lot of thunderstorms where I live. My pups are absolutely terrified of the booms which occasionally shake the house. It's been bad enough where I've gotten on the floor and spooned my dogs just to try to calm them down. Normally, we just have to wait for the storm to pass while they tremble.

And then we discovered Mushy Beds. The product seemed interesting, but the owner was looking to get out of the business. My partner and I figured that we could take on Mushy Beds and do something good with it.

And that's what we're doing.

We took over, and we've made some product improvements, and operational improvements so that more pet owners can have something to help their fur friends when they can't help.

We still get terribly loud thunderstorms. Our rescue pups snuggle together on their Mushy Bed covered by the Mushy Blanket and sleep through storms. They still sometimes get panicked, or experience anxiety.. but at least they have a comforting bed to hide in.