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Does Fixing Dogs Really Help Keep Them Calm?

Does Fixing Dogs Really Help Keep Them Calm?



Do you find it difficult to keep your dog calm and focused on the task at hand? Worried that obedience classes won't help them stay relaxed in all situations? You're not alone — millions of pet owners face the same issue, hearing stories of how dogs become set off by small triggers. But is there a solution to this seemingly never-ending struggle that could help fix your pup's behavioral issues for good? Today we're diving into one option that may be more effective than you think: fixing dogs (a.k.a. spaying or neutering). Does fixing your dog really help keep them calm and happy?

Read on to learn the importance of spaying/neutering, how fixing affects your dog's personality, and the benefits of spaying or neutering your pet!

Spaying and Neutering, and Why It's Important

As a responsible dog owner, fixing your pet should be an important part of their care. Spaying and neutering can calm your dog and provide multiple benefits to both you and your beloved pet, including:

  • Reducing pet overpopulation
  • Helping prevent the need for animal shelters
  • Reducing the cost of animal control
  • Eliminating the risk of some cancers
  • Helping prevent certain behaviors, such as roaming and aggressiveness
  • May increase the dog's life span by reducing the risk of diseases
  • When done on time, the fixing can help prevent reproductive health issues.
  • Preserving physical traits that may be advantageous for owners competing in agility or conformation events
  • Contributing to overall improved hormonal balance leading to fewer medical problems

Fixing your dog contributes to their well-being and yours too! Health and financial savings should be enough to make spaying and neutering a priority for all pet owners.

How Fixing Dogs Affects Their Personality

Taking a pet to get spayed or neutered nearly always results in some form of personality change, as they become calmer or more laid back. Studies have shown that fixed dogs are much less likely to display aggressive behaviors, such as growling, biting, or barking, due to reduced testosterone levels. These activities include:

  • Fixed dogs are typically more relaxed and content than unaltered ones. They no longer feel the need to compete for dominance or mates. This allows them to focus their energy on playing, cuddling, and bonding with their owners.
  • Spayed dogs are more docile and easier to train. This is because they no longer experience hormone fluctuations which can lead to outbursts of aggression.
  • Fixing a pet can also help reduce other undesirable behaviors like marking territory and escaping from home in search of a mate.
  • Spaying and neutering can even help extend your pet's lifespan by reducing their risk of getting pyometra (a deadly uterus infection) and perianal fistulas (a painful anal gland disorder).

While spaying/neutering is not going to alter the personality of your pet completely, it can certainly have some influence over their behavior. This will allow them to fit into their environment more smoothly with fewer behavioral issues overall.

The Benefits of Spaying and Neutering Your Pet

Fixing your dog can be beneficial, not only to extend your pet's life expectancy but also to have a calming effect that can improve their personality. Spaying and neutering our beloved furry family members impacts their overall health, temperament, and personality. If you live nearby Austin, TX, and have an anxious dog, you can learn more about managing their anxiety here. Contact us at Mushy Beds today! We are dedicated to shedding anxiety in your fur babies all the time!