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Best Calming Music for Dogs: The Ultimate Guide

Best Calming Music for Dogs: The Ultimate Guide

Does your dog suffer from anxiety or stress? Does hearing loud noises make them nervous? It's common for dogs to be triggered negatively by stressful situations or even loud, sudden noises. Being left home alone for a long time can also make them anxious, depressed, and even destructive, which is why dogs tend to ruin furniture and create a mess in the house. Fortunately, you can implement plenty of methods to try and calm your furry friend – from prescribing medication to strapping an anxiety vest on them and many more.

However, one method we often overlook, yet effective, is playing music. Sure, music is more of a human construct, but calming music like classical masterpieces, reggae, and soft rock can help your dog relax. Maybe what your dog really needs is to listen to some Bob Marley and enjoy a bit of Mozart. But is music that effective in calming stressed dogs? And if so, what type of music is most helpful in reducing dog anxiety? Read on:

Why is Music Beneficial for Dogs?

According to recent studies and research, calming music has proved to react positively to animals, similar to how it does to humans. Based on the song's instrument, rhythm, and tone, some music genres seem more effective than others. For instance, cats seem to react positively to country and jazz, and classical music, while dogs respond well to soft rock, reggae, and also classics.

As one benefit, music can significantly reduce cortisol: a stress hormone in dogs. In addition, it lowers heart rates and helps with separation anxiety and excessive barking. After all, music therapy is an excellent stress reliever for humans. And if calming music can benefit humans, why not our furry companions? But if you decide to use calming music for dogs, make sure you select the best type of music.

What Kinds of Music Can Be Most Helpful?

While music is recommended to calm anxious dogs, not every kind of music is ideal. Studies conclude that classical music is one of the most effective calming music for animals. On the other hand, rap and metal music tend to rile dogs up, which encourages barking. The tempo used should also be roughly 50 to 60 beats/min.

Remember to also avoid music with deep bass or huge clashing sounds since it reminds dogs of thunder. You can find exclusive music to fit any criteria on most streaming services like Spotify and YouTube. One popular channel with more than a million subscribers is "Relax My Dog." The channel consists of uploads playing at slow tempos, calming melodies, and the use of instruments like flutes and pianos. And the best part is each mix can range from twelve to fifteen hours, so there is no need to worry if you leave your dog alone for an extended period.

The Lowdown

When caring for a dog suffering from anxiety, you should always keep the veterinary visits and daily life stress-free. A calm dog is more likely to sleep peacefully, which is beneficial for their brain and mental health. If your furry friend is experiencing separation anxiety, remember to play calming music whenever you're home, so your dog doesn't create an association between the tunes and you leaving home. Moreover, music is known to have various therapeutic uses. It helps dogs stay relaxed when adapting to a new environment, going for a veterinary appointment, recovering from surgery, etc.

But while music is an effective solution, it's good to implement additional measures as well, like using dog diffusers and buying dog beds. At Mushy Beds, we know how heartbreaking it can be to have an anxious pet. That is why we are constantly making efforts to reduce dog anxiety. Plus, in today's digital world filled with noise pollution from vehicles and electronic devices, music and a good night's rest are basically the ideal medicine for your furry friend. To learn more ways of reducing dog anxiety, feel free to contact us, and we'll work something out together.