2022 Guide to the Best Top Brands for Calming Dog Beds – Mushy Beds

2022 Guide to the Best Top Brands for Calming Dog Beds

2022 Guide to the Best Top Brands for Calming Dog Beds

Does your dog have trouble sleeping? Is he/she constantly stressed or anxious? If so, you should look for a way to help them relax and stay calm. Like humans, dogs can also struggle with stress and anxiety, especially with harsh conditions like storms, separation from family, or even seeing new faces. This is why you need to incorporate tools to help your furry friend relieve stress and relax, and calming dog beds are just the perfect soothing mechanism.

However, relieving stress and anxiety in dogs can be challenging. It's a process that requires patience and a mix of positive training and the right tools. There's also the science behind these bed's mechanisms that help evoke a feeling of safety and calm. So, how are these beds different from other dog beds? And are they that effective? Let's find out:

Portrait of a brown toy poodle in its white fluffy bed.How Do Calming Dog Beds Work?

Calming dog beds are designed to provide comfort and a sense of safety. Some beds are also orthopedic, meaning they can relieve joint pain and still feature a few self-heating capabilities. During stressful conditions, you might have noticed that dogs tend to hide or find a place with more security, like under a blanket or cuddling in a space. Calming dog beds and training can help relieve the stress and anxiety in your furry companion.

The soft faux fur texture in these beds offers comfort and a sense of calm, while the circular design offers the pup a hug, giving a sense of security. So, if you are worried about your dog's mental health and want help, we strongly recommend you get a calming bed.

What Are the Top Brands for Calming Dog Beds?

Calming beds might sound like a gimmick designed to make profits, but one thing is certain: investing in one of these products is definitely worth it. We recommend dog beds if your dog is struggling with anxiety, loud noises like fireworks or storms, or has any condition that makes sleeping uncomfortable. Unfortunately, not every calming pet bed in the market is perfect for your dog, so we took the liberty to highlight products from the best brands:

1. Mushy Beds

This is probably the best dog bed ever produced. Designed with high-quality nylon fabric and finished with a premium faux fur exterior, this comforting dog bed is created to replicate the comfort of a mother's fur coat, so your furry companion can have the best sleep imaginable. In addition, Mushy Beds also has impressive features and can help treat many conditions. For instance:

  • ease anxiety
  • reduce vulnerability
  • ease joint pains and correct posture
  • stylish design
  • machine washable
  • 30-day refund if you're not satisfied

2. Best Friends by Sheri

This is one of the best brands and worth every penny. Similar to most anti-anxiety beds, Best Friends by Sheri has a classy round doughnut design that makes it perfect for curling up inside while leaving space for stretching. The bed also has a raised rim that mimics a pillow, with deep crevices perfect for burrowing as well as hiding toys and treats. In addition, it comes in many sizes and colors you can choose from to match your interior decorations or bed.

3. Mr. Fluffy Friend

Featuring a round design, Mr. Fluffy Friend's is the perfect brand for dogs that love curling up. It's more cost-effective than most luxurious calming beds on the market, plus it comes with an array of colors – so it's a great start for anyone looking for dog calming beds. The best part is the material is easy to clean and is designed with antibacterial faux fur, organic cotton, and high-quality nylon, creating a comfortable and hygienic bed for your dog.

What Are the Benefits of Calming Dog Beds?

Comforting dog beds are the perfect way to help your dog relax. The soft fur texture in these beds provides them with comfort and safety when needed, so these beds are far more than just an accessory. To provide insight, here are some of the benefits of having one in your house:

  • Calms dogs due to the furry, high-side walls that replicate a dog's burrow
  • Eases joint pain, especially in older dogs
  • Comfortable cushions that help dogs sleep peacefully and longer
  • Washable covers so you can clean them up any time
  • Durable and high-quality

As one tip, you should choose a perfect bed size for your dog depending on their size and how they like to sleep. Leverage a size chart to determine the ideal bed size and consider whether the dog likes sleeping curdled or stretched out.

Final Thoughts

If your pet tends to feel anxious or stressed when encountering loud noises or at home alone, they'll likely benefit from a calming bed and a few training sessions. But note that while a calming bed can reduce anxiety, it's not the only solution, especially for severe cases. A calming bed will undoubtedly offer assistance, but it's good to use a mix of behavioral modification training and medications. With the perfect bed and other measures, you can sleep peacefully knowing your furry friend is living a better, more calmed life.

If you're looking for the perfect calming bed for your pet, feel free to call us or visit our website to check out our products. We have a wide range of options, so you'll definitely find the perfect fit for your four-legged companion.